Dogs or Cats?

Which would you prefer and why?

Answer #1

Personally, I would prefer a good and loyal dog, but I love them both. Its a tough decision, dogs are nice on cold nights when they sleep in your bed, but kitties are good just to love and hold. But I would go with dogs because you just can’t watch tv and eat pizza with a cat.

Answer #2

dogs because they are loyal and friendly(most) and they are rescuers and policedogs and searchers and they are crucial 2 human society. also, I used 2 like cats when I was little, but not so much now cause when I was little my friend’s cat scratched my foot up badly. they are a little shady and dont really trust humans(some, not all, tho some dogs are too trusting). they are deceivers, they use and abuse u(lol).

Answer #3

:] dogs for sure! In my experience, you can always tell if a dog is going to snap at you but a cat will just attack for no reason and without any warning! Plus the claws on a cat are crazy and very painful.

Answer #4

I raise chihuahua’s…I don’t have cats, because they jump onto to counters & tables…I like them though, just don’t have them…dichihuahua

Answer #5

I like them both, too…but if I had to make a choice, I’ll take a dog anyday! Any breed, any size, long hair, short hair…I love them all.


Answer #6


Answer #7

I think dogs are way better, they are always happy to see you, they will go for a walk with you, ride in the car with you, sleep with you, love you, and I know this sounds lame, but you can always count on them to be there for you! I have a 4 year old golden retriever and she is the greatest friend I could ever ask for! cats like to be alone a lot, and sleep all the time, they never want to explore with you, and they poop in the house. Dogs are the best.

Answer #8

I love both but im allegic to cats =\

Answer #9

I love both … they are just so cute

Answer #10

I will prefer a dog because I have one and it protect me when I need it

Answer #11

DOGS I have 2 and I luv them their sooo cute I HATE cats because they scrath and their evil creatures lol

Answer #12

cats totallyj!!! they are sooo cute!!!

Answer #13

Of course Dogs because they are cute and they are staunch :)

Answer #14

As you can tell I prefer Dogs myself but like kittens also…

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