Why are some dogs held "behind the scenes" in animal shelters?

Ok so for those of you that haven’t read my other questions I’ve had to give up my dogs to the humane society. They just made it on to the website yesterday but when I was looking at their pictures on of the is being held held in the adoption floor but the other one is being held “behind the scenes”. What does that mean? They told me that they would be held in the same cage since they are still puppies.

Answer #1

Well the dogs temporment may still need checked, maybe they weren’t checked out by thr vet. That’s all I can think of

Answer #2

“Held behind the scenes” means they are not ready to be on the adoption floor just yet. The reasons could be cause there are too many dogs, the dog is sick, it is not eating right, or anything they would watch in a puppy. Most places will place that up so people know all the options for adoption. Cases like that there is usually private adoptions set up.

Answer #3

this question is asked a lot but the real reason is because some animals are not used to humans and have been trained to fight so people keep them back so no one will get hurt

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