Dog walking or babysitting experience, anyone?!

Okay, I’m fifteen and I wanted to get a job over the summer to help around the house and I thought I’d try out dog walking. I absolutely love animals and dogs, and I don’t mind cleaning after them. I was wondering if anyone had experience with it. and if you do, how did you start? Do you post up ads around campus and the neighborhood? And babysitting, is it the same thing? I would prefer dog walking more. I love animals more than humans! Ijkjkjk. : d. Thanksss!!

Answer #1

its really easy!` all you need to do is post up fliers and people will call u you can make a lot of money

Answer #2

Well its actually really easy to get a job like that just go around your local neighbor hood and over you help for a descent but small price it works and over time you start to save up more cash then you thought you could.

Answer #3

Haha, thanks so much, I think I’ll do that… Dogs, I mean. : D

Answer #4

Oh and I was talking bout the dog walking cause enless you have major experiences wit kids it will never work…<3

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