Can you tell me how to get a dog walking job?

Hi I am13 years old can you tell me how to get a dog walking job?

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Hi! I'm 14 and I want to start a dog walking job! but I don't know how much to charge! Can anybody tell me?

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You must leanr your dog all. Study how to learn dogs, go with them to peoples, whitch can do thats and learn thats,,,,

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Well , you can post flyers , posters , or even post leaflets through peopls letterboxes,
I want to earn my own money too. and I want to work as a dog walker too , but it is hard for me , so I might put some flyers round and some posters in shops , and through peoples letter boxes. Write back ,

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Hi am 12 years old looking for work in dog walking to earn my own money but I don't known where to look can anybody help me?

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to get a dog walking job you need to know people that have dogs, if not put some posters up,flyers in shop windows, post letters about you through doors. some people my like the sound of you and are scard to ring up. so knock on doors and explain who you are and what you want to do, have friendly chats. then if they have a dog get to know it before walking it. give the first dog walk free. and bring the dog hope saftly or they my not use you again and you will lose a dog walking dog. if that doesn't work I would look in different town and villages do flyers,poster, knock on doors you'll get there.

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