why doesnt my phone send text messages to other companies?

i have metro and it wont let me send text messages to other companies.this never happened before.

Answer #1

I have no idea why it would not let you text other companies. I suggest you call one of the stores and ask them what’s going on.

Answer #2

ivee tried and they said they would get it fixed in a week but this was two weeks ago.

Answer #3

Those losers. Don’t stand for that. Go to the store and don’t be a pushover. Most companies would have that fixed within a DAY. Tell them you want it fixed and you want it fixed NOW.

Answer #4

I used to do customer support for cell phones, and let me tell you most of the customer support people don’t know much. We got a flow chart to go down if something was wrong. thats it. Most dealers in the store don’t know much more, and very likely work off of commission, so will try to sell you new stuff.

My recommendation would be to call up the customer support, then get them to transfer you to tech support. If that guy doesn’t really sound like he can help you get them to transfer you to a higher level of tech support. Most large companies have their customer service tiered, so that they don’t spend the time of the ppl who know whats going on aren’t answering basic questions. Once you get a hold of a person who seems intelligent and knows that he/she is talking about, CALMLY explain the issue. Getting angry or frustrated really wont help you, I’m speaking from experience of being on both ends of similar situations.

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