Are there any sites that you can send a text message with your cell phone and get answers?

I know is a question and answer service that you can use with your phone..but I was just wondering is their any other websites that are out their where you can text questions and get answers to your cell phone?

Answer #1

I prefer KGB over ChaCha, actually.

Answer #2

420 420

Answer #3

Does ChaCha make you pay fees? I think my friend told me they don’t, so he prefers it over KGB. I don’t know.

Answer #4


I haven’t tried answering q’s thru text too but try these ones out: [link removed] [link removed] [link removed] Hope it helps.

Source: [link removed]

Answer #5

awww, this is my first time to answer q’s here. Hmm, my answer says links removed. Okay, try 6336, 118118(dot)com and ansanow.

Answer #6

KGB doesn’t have fees, either.

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