How to get my phone to send a text message?

ok, so I have an old Verizon Motorola Razor phone (no, I cannot get a new phone) and every now and again Ill send a text message to one of my friends, it will say message sending failed. Again, and again and again. It it usually keeps this up for about half the day. It doesn’t let me send a text message to anybody. It also does this when I have perfect signal strength, and I have unlimited texting, so it’s not prepaid. Is there a way to fix this so it will send messages again?

Answer #1

Yeah, I’ll probably end up doing that. By the way, to anyone that cares enough, I’m still looking for answers on all of my other questions, even the oldest ones. I don’t have hundreds, so just feel free to take a look and answer some. Thanks a bunch to anyone that does! :)

Answer #2

take it to the phone store and get them to take a look at it, it may be beyond repair though

Answer #3

call the Verizon company for help

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