does this annoy anyone else?

Okay one of my biggest pet peeves is when people eat and I’m not eating…it’s really weird I know but like my mom eats a LOT and it’s just so annoying…does anyone else have that pet peeve?

Answer #1

haha I’m so glad! it makes me happy that I’m not weird about this…yes I hate it when big people eat unhealthy stuff too…I’m not particularly big and I’m super concerned with what I eat…lol

Answer #2

yes that annoys me too, especially if the person is already big and they’re eating something really unhealthy. And then they will say it’s nothing to do with their diet!

Answer #3

Yes I hate that all the crunching and etc.. I have to go somewhere else at the moment.. Espcially if someone is eating a pickle or chewing on gum.

Answer #4

really? haha I’ve never met anyone who has the same pet peeve before!

Answer #5

It doesn’t really bother me. If someone wants to eat, let them eat.

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