Does anyone else think that I'm weird because would do this?

Ok so my school is going to a amusement park at the end of the school year and me and some friends where talking about what rides we will ride and I said that I’m afraid of roller coaster but would go skydiving. Does anyone else think thats odd, and could someone give me a reason why I’m like that.

Answer #1

ichibanarky I think that might be it I’m a bit claustrophobic.

Answer #2

hm I would be scared of skydiving cause rollercoaster seems safer they have a lot more protection and everyones always riding them and when theres a accident its really rare but everyone is different

Answer #3

It’s quite possible that your fear is not of the height, or the drop, but maybe the thought of being pinned inside a tin can going 100 mph and controlled by someone else…

Answer #4

I can understand…so am I ;)

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