Would my dentist or doctor tell my mom im bulimic if i asked them about it?

I’m 13 and i was wondering if i told my doctor or dentist if they would be forsed to tell my mom or is there some type of confidentiality?

Answer #1

Idk why you would tell your dentist but your doctor would most likely tell your mother

Answer #2

When you continually throw up, the peptic acid begins to effect the enamel on your teeth. The dentist can probably tell.

Answer #3

i wouldnt ask your dentist but no the dr i dont think can tell ypour mom cuz its dr patcient confidential but i would recommend you telling your mom so you can get some help

Answer #4

Since you are 13, it is very likely that he might, but realize that your condition can be life threatening!!! If you are trying to beat this disease, then you need help, and your Mom only wishes you the best. By confiding in the doctor and asking him / her for help, your doctor can help your Mom understand that what you are going through is NOT under your control, and that everyone who cares for your life needs to help.

I urge you to seek help. Good Luck!!

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