Does my blood taste sweet?

Does my blood taste sweet?

Answer #1

I’ve heard from people who drink blood the cuts they get and grandfather that, yes, your blood is sweet. It tastes like sugar

Answer #2

how do you know its jsut your blood that tases sweet? maybe its just the way you taste blood, try someone elses blood to see if it tastes diffrent… my boyfreinds blood tastes like metal and so does my freinds, and maybe it tastes diffrent if you taste blood from diffrent parts of the body… like arm, leg, nose, lip xx

Answer #3

Yeah it tastes kind of like iron, copper, metal etc.

As for tasting someone elses blood… not a good idea, if they had a disease, std, or something along the lines of those, you could get it as well. So don’t ever taste someone elses blood, or touch it either.

Answer #4

im not sure what yours tastes like, but blood tastes good. kinda rusty smelling, but good.

Answer #5

Must be bored. Have at it. Go ahead.

Answer #6

I don’t know but can I suck it?, and im serrious

Answer #7

I hope so… :)

Answer #8

It would taste more like you were biting a piece of Iron, due to the large content of it in your blood. But it wouldn’t be a good idea to be a vampire, so I would cross that off your list…


Answer #9

mine doesnt taste like sugar :L

apparently mine taste more metally than everyone elses? I think everyones tastes different ‘because people have different amounts of iron or sugar in their blood.

totally unscientific answer I know, but c’est mon theory :D x

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