Does sperm taste sweet or bitter?

how does the sprem taste like is it sweet are bitter

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bitter ewww great question luv it lol

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I read somewhere that eating more fruit and vegetables makes for more sweet tasting ejaculate whereas more meat, dairy products and coffee make it bitter.

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It doesn't, it's the semen that you taste. Whether it is sweet or bitter depends on the person and their diet. Eating certain foods such as pineapple will sweeten the taste of semen.

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I find most the guys I have tasted are salty but it really depends on their diet...

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It depends on each person and their diets. Pineapple juice works wonders.

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true very true I try not to taste it but the pinapple juice is great for guys and chiks

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I have only tasted my bf's, it is bitter. I know this question is over 4 years old but I'm in the mood to rake in points tonight. lol ;)

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