Sweet Blood?

This is a dumb question but I need to no,there was a mosquito in my house and for some weird reason it bit me like 3 times on each leg in the SAME EXACT spot!!! My mom said its because I have “sweet blood” because no one else got bit not once and yet they were all around me!!! Lol is it true!! Can some one have sweet blood!?? If not then why the he’ll did they keep only biting me???

Answer #1

“Sweet blood” is one of those household myths that have grown up to explain something that most people find unexplainable, like why toast always seems to land butter-side down. People look for a simple answer that can explain the many myriad of forces at work that they can’t see. Unfortunately, those simple answers are usually hokum and don’t stand up to scrutiny.

In the case of sweet blood, how would a mosquito know a person’s blood was “Sweet” before it bit them? If sweet blood were a reality, everyone in the room would get bitten once, and then one person from then on.

The truth is that there are many forces at work that only the mosquito knows about for sure, but here are some things that we do know mosquitoes are attracted to:

  • Colors that contrast strongly with the background
  • Sweat
  • Carbon dioxide
  • The scent of lactic acid
  • Heat
  • Motion

So maybe you were wearing a more contrasting color, were moving more, were breathing a little heavier (and therefore stirring up more carbon dioxide and lactic acid scents than anyone else) and were registering as a little warmer than anyone else. Who knows? Only the mosquitoes.

There is also some evidence that those with Rh-negative blood tend to get bitten less than anyone else, but this is probably a circumstantial effect.

Answer #2

have you got any siblings? because they are generally attracted to one type of blood over others…I think it might even be blood group A, but I’d need to check, but haven’t got time, however, am sure it’s just a myth…maybe it can smell you more, especialy f it’s bitten you once already - ummm bloood lol!

Answer #3

Thanx Mikeh=] I was wearing red!!! So I don’t know if that’s why but it was also a little hot out but ery one was sweating!! Lol so I don’t know!

Answer #4

My mum has this problem, if we’re in a room with a mosquito, she’s most likely to get bitten :) who knows…

Answer #5

ummm - see theres a very good argument against the blood group theory lol! - you wern’t ‘on’ were you at the time? or around your period at all?

and brothers do smell, as do husbands and sons lol! I am the only female in my house, and ave a 4yr old and 10 yr old boy! and a hubby lol! so know about smelly blokes lol!

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