Does God have free will?

Does God have free will?

Answer #1

God has choice but only to a certain extent? how does that make God omnipotent?

Answer #2

Are we not created in the image of God? Do we not have free will? If we do God does. we were given the ability to choose right from wrong, good from evil. God cannot control us, he cannot make us do anything. He may give a commandment, but we still have the ability to decide whether or not we will follow it.

Answer #3

God’s Free Will-God knows the future. Got it, it’s stated in the bible. But if he knows the future then aren’t all of His choices already predetermined as well?

Answer #4

That is without a doubt the most interesting question I have seen on this site. G-d does have free will as long as his choices do not interfear with his laws. For example G-d can not tell a lie, nor create a rock that he himself can not lift.

Answer #5

hello again Lovely Lady. Well, I figure that if God has free will and is omnipotent, then can’t he see His own future, to view it all in perfect detail? I truly do want to believe and subscribe, but there are serious flaws in the theory. If he can see His own future, then aren’t His own choices predetermined?

Answer #6

I dont know why they believe all I know is why I DONT believe. I think its just a matter of what you were taught or what you choose to believe :)

Answer #7

Because God is like another Hilter to me. The bible is a rule book that I dont intend to follow. Overall to ME god is sh!t :) Im the one who control my life not some god person

Answer #8

I think I’m with you on that. There can be no way there is a God. It simply doesn’t add up. Perhaps those who believe simply do so because they can find no other viable option?

Answer #9

That is where quantum physics come in. Everything about the universe(s) that we live in can’t be explained by observing it in the traditional methods. That’s why the field of quantum physics has expanded over the past few decades. I am quite interested to see the results of the studies in a few more decades. There was this one particular study they did some time ago to prove that video games dumb people down, and they discovered quite the opposite in many cases…

Answer #10

Why do you make the word God “G-d”? Is it a bad word?

Answer #11

Well, according to a theory by Albert Einstein, matter can not travel past the speed of light, but the closer it gets to light speed, the more it “expands”. In theory, if it exceeded light speed, it would basically collapse in reality as we know it, because its expansion would become “infinite”. So, if a higher being were able to do this, perhaps his reality is different than our own. Perhaps for him, time does not exist because he exists in all times simultaneously. This would explain why he would be all knowing, but not necessarily controlling all events with a fine needle.

Answer #12

Depending the God, but I believe even the biblical God may not. If he did, why would he have to sacrifice his own son for people to be forgiven? Less he be some deranged psychopath. I’m actually leaning toward the second one. God created everything, he creates all the rules, he could of done something else. But seeing as how men created God, then I’ld believe that even this figure would be bound to some extent. Sry for making a bit of a paradox there.

Answer #13

OR if He can’t see the future, than He’s not omnipotent? Please advise.

Answer #14

I think you are right. It’s all in what you were taught as a youngster.

Answer #15

Why don’t you believe in God?

Answer #16

I am an Athiest so I dont believe in god :) So imma just say NO :D

Answer #17

God, who’s that?

Answer #18

Having examined all Bible verses addressing God’s will, I’ve found the source of confusion over it: the fact that God’s will has two primary definitions. The first definition is God’s plan. The second definition is God’s law. The first is a specific, personal will. The second is a general will, which is the same for all Christians.

The Bible verses that command us to know God’s will instruct us to know His general will for all of us. They do not tell us to figure out His plan for our personal future. And nowhere in the Bible are we commanded to figure out God’s plan for our entire lives.

While some might argue that life is short, there’s a sense in which life is long, too. A lot can happen in a lifetime. For some of us, it’s as though we live several different lives in one lifetime. Those of us who have been around for awhile can look back on our lives and see how God has led us in directions we never could have expected or even understood during our early adult years. God doesn’t require that we memorize the map to the long and winding road we are to travel. God knows the way, and He will see us through to the finish, because His plans never fail.

In the Bible, what’s the opposite of “human desires?” God’s desires! In other words, God’s will. We find biblical examples of human desires in Galatians 5:19-21. They are “…immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmities, strife, jealousy, outbursts of anger, disputes, dissensions, factions, envying, drunkenness, carousing…” And what does Galatians 5:22-23 say are God’s desires? They are “…love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control…”

Here, again, we have God’s will for our lives revealed to us by the Bible. So, does God have free will? You betcha!

bootleg betty - … G-d is the reverent reference made to God. This is the accepted norm and practice for Orthodox and Messianic Jews amongst others. It is written this way out of respect for YHVH = G-d = Hashem= ADONAI … is a fascinating study

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