Does every girls discharge have a smell to it?

Should discharge be completely odorless or can it have a smell without there being something wrong?

Answer #1

usually it has a smell thats not very noticable but yes, a smell is normal however if it smells like yeast, or like fish or just a bit offf/foul/different to what it usually smells like then it may indicate a casteria infection, thrush, or possibly and std if youve had sex

Answer #2

Accually on the contrary, the small is completely opposite from what I’ve heard, its considered healthy…Im not positive but yeah…

Answer #3

if it has a smell, it can be a yeast infection.. the only way to get rid of a yeast infection is a trip to the doctor.. it’s nothing to be embarrassed about and is not an std.. it’s actually really common amongst teens even those without being sexually active.. you’ll get one pill to take and about three days later it should be completely healed.. if not, notify a doctor, it may be a bacterial infection which is just about the same as a yeast infection.

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