How is it normal for a girl to have discharge even if shes virgin?

I need to know if its normal to have discharge even if I havnt lost my virginity. Is it possible

Asap reply please!!

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ok thanks soo much!! yeah I get my period and im 21 years old :)
thanks. also it does smell :( is that a bad thing?? or normal?? please answer!

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ITS OKAY!!! I got my period in 5th grade, and right after it was over I had discharge, and I usually have it in my panties :P and im a virgin, so yeah, dont worry. also do you masturbate? cause that usually causes my to have more.

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yes, have you started your period? if yes, you could have discharge as she sed beforee even if your not or you are virgin ;)

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yes..if you have a period you could have matter whether u.r a virgin or not.


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Yes, ALL WOMEN regardless of whether they have had sex or not have discharge. The vagina is a self cleaning organ and discharge is what comes out after your vagina cleans itself.

Discharge can vary in thickness and amount (especially during puberty). However if you have discharge that has an awful smell or your vagina itches a lot you could have an infection.

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