Is bloody discharge normal for girls?

hey girls, I’m just curious if it’s normal to have some kind of bloodyish discharge, like its not super bloody, just a little bit. I’m not on my period so idt it could havee anything to do with that, but if anyone could help me, that would be great!!! thanks.

Answer #1

it could possibly be your next period starting. it sometimes happens if all the blood hasn’t come out after your period, and ussually it comes a few days or in your case weeks, later. you should be okay.

Answer #2

If you finished your period a few weeks ago, this could be the start of your next one.

Answer #3

idt I popped my cherry, & I just finished my period a few weeks ago. I havent had sex

Answer #4

hmm well you could be starting it again or you popped your cherry. either one.

Answer #5

cud you b pregnant

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