do you think you could live without ipods and blackberries.

do you think you could live without ipods, blackberries, cellphones and all that stuff.

Answer #1

Seeing I take my Shuffle with me to school everyday,I would have to say No I can’t live without it. It sometimes kills my boredm during mornings,lunch,on the school bus and walking home.

Answer #2

Yes, because I don’t have a cell phone and I could probably live w/o my Ipod ^_^

Answer #3

Everything else apart from my mobile :)

Answer #4

Well, considering I have no ipod, blackberry, or cellphone…I’d say yes.

Computer, however, I’d be lost without.

Answer #5

I don’t own an ipod OR a blackberry…so yes.

Answer #6

same as above, I am not really all that thrilled with all of the modern technology coming out now days.

now I WOULD be lost without my fishing poles and firearms. that would be very traumatic for me.

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