Who thinks a blackberry curve 8520 is a good phone?

I need to know if a blackberry curve 8520 is a good phone because I want to get one but is there any bad things about them or any really good things?:)

Answer #1

I have a fried who said it’s a good phone but it can’t watch videos on you tube.

Answer #2

I have one, I really like it. The app world is not as good as the iPhone’s so if you want that sort of thing get one of them, but overall its great. It has a social site and all the apps like that you might want, the trackpad is godly, and the internet is pretty speedy although I suppose that depends on your location.

But get one. :)

Answer #3

I have an 8530 (similar) and it is pretty good.The battery is not good though.

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