can I charge my ipod without an itunes?

I switched computars recently, and I lost my itunes obviously. Im going to download it later with my brother but I was wondering if I could charge my ipod from my computar without the itunes? And also when I make my new itunes will my ipod loose all its current songs?

Answer #1

You could get the charger for the iphone, and then use that for the ipod. I did that because I lost the usb cord and the shop I went to get one in didn’t have any so they gave me an iphone charger while I was waiting for some to come in. It’s really handy :)

Answer #2

yea you can charge it on a lap top without itunes, also ps3 or xbox360 or a dock should do the trick

Answer #3

Yeah you can charge it with an iPod docking station

Answer #4

Yeah, I charged my ipod at school with no itunes :) x<3

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