Plans to assassignate obama

Did you here about the guys who got arrested for making plans too assassignate obama? Is anyone worried about this and do you think someone will attempt to assassignate him if he is elected prsident? It makes me so angry when I hear about all this hate in america

Answer #1

Hate exists Everywhere, not just America - deranged people come from a variety of backgrounds, sick !!

Answer #2

I hope to god someone does assassinate him. he needs to get killed. before he kills us.

Answer #3

when me and my mom read about that in the newspaper or well she read it too me cuus I was too lazy lol we just kinda sat there and she said, well at least we wont have to worry about him getting in, but no seriously, I think that thats really bad didnt they say something about the nazis in the middlletown journal in ohio?

Answer #4

omg! I heard aboutt that ! =[

but what exactly happened??

ughh people are so fxcuking cruel. they’re just scared of change and that there is a potential leader who isn’t like every other past president.

Many people have said something bad will happen if he wins but I hope not! I really think he can make a difference.

Answer #5

Yes, it is awful. but I don’t think it has to do anything with racism. I think it has to do more or less with his socialistic views. Also, if an assassination were to occur its more likely happen before he comes into office.

Answer #6

No, Obama will not be assassinated if he becomes president. Presidential security is ridiculously tight, much more so than in the past. I would think that if they are guarding a multi-racial president named Barack Hussein Obama, the Secret Service would be well aware of the need for identifying such threats.

Answer #7

Well I’ll be more than happy to say I’m voting For Obama WooHoo!!! but yea I did hear about those guys doing that and it’s really sad. On the other hand likewise for Mccain, If someone tried to take his life that would be messed up too.

Answer #8

It’s aweful.

Obama is likely to be the next President. Such exposure will have the effect of reducing racism in the future I hope. So maybe the 2nd black President won’t have to deal with this.

Answer #9

well I would vote for Obama, but I heard of then and I think their is a lot of hate but if obama wons are vice president ain’t so bad…Unlike Mccain his Vice president is mnot that ready!

Answer #10

this goes to the individual that posted the first comment:

where the hell have you been McCain is the one without morals have you been watching the debates???

AND TO: “Carlareyes, Biden is just as unprepared as Palin.”

PALIN IS AN AIRHEAD! the only reason she was chosen as v-prez is so she can appeal to the male crowd! durrr! Biden is ready to run this place with obama!

Answer #11

“I am not voting for him based on his socialistic veiws and moraless attitude,”

Then you are extremely misinformed, because neither of those things is true.

I agree with RG in that securtiy is extremely tight around him, and a couple of redneck racist wackos are not going to get anywhere near him. If he is killed, it will be an inside job. Which I have more fear of than a some nutjob.

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