Is a Charter school and Catholic school the same thing?

I don’t know for some reason I heard that there both religious school but then someone else told me that a Charter school is an acting school and ugh so confusing lol so I know a Catholic school is a school for Catholics the kids wear uniforms and I think they talk about God at points. So whats a Charter school?

Answer #1

no because they dont make you pray and suff.

Answer #2

both are different schools

Answer #3

Nope, I go to a cahrter school and previously came from a Catholic. Nothing alike. No praying, just the national anthem. Not even allowed to talk about religion unless its a history class. Charter schools follow the same guidelines as public schools. (for the most part)

Catholic schools are more like a full time church. You have to go to church twice a week during school, HAVE to take a class on Christianity, and even a class on Judaism.

Answer #4

oh alright thank you :)

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