Do you think my hairstyle makes me look goth?

I got a new hair-style do you think I look to goth? )=

Answer #1

nah, you don’t look goth. The hair cut is awsome.

Answer #2

Your not goth just because of a hairstyle… there’s more to being goth than that. And you don’t look ANYTHING like a goth that’s fer sure…

Answer #3

what person said it was goth?? they obviously have no idea what they’re talking about. the hair style works really well with your eyes. even the hair color is good, it contrasts your eyes nearly perfectly.

Answer #4

No! Its really cute (:

Answer #5

Thanks!! (=

Answer #6

what’s goth?

Answer #7

kinda of but its cute

Answer #8

You don’t look goth at all.

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