Do you think skinny jeans make people look taller?

Do you think skinny jeans make people look taller? I was told that I would where them so id look taller =/

Answer #1

No… the kind of pants you wear won’t make you look taller or shorter. You’ll still be the same height you were before you put them on.

Answer #2

I think it makes you look taller and skinnier I wear them all the time and my friends say I look like a tall anerexic lol but I’m acually the shortest out of everybody at skewl pple have to look down at me to talk to me lol:)

Answer #3

if you have really long legs the jeans will make them stand out loads “legs 4 heaven!”

I have long legs but they are quite chubby lol so I just go 4 straight leg they have the same effect bt they are more comfortable and wont show your figure so much.

Answer #4

If you are short you will still be short, if you are tall you will be tall. The jeans don’t have anything to do with it. The tape measure will still stay the same.

Answer #5

yea..I think so.

Answer #6

Well I don’t need skinny jeans tew make me tall because I already am :D lol

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