How strong is your belief in god?

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Sure - He lives within if you're saved.

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Very. More and more as the days pass. What's more though is the fact that I choose to believe He has me as a child of His. I don't deserve it but I am.

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ummm I dont exactly believe in a dude named God...
but I do believe in a higher power.
and I still go to church sometimes with my family too...

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Yes, I do, strongly. There has been many positive experiences in my life that can attributed to something else. I think that something else is God. Once you start focusing strongly and meditating, you can start to sense it. Weird, I know, until you try it.

When I feel like not there is not a God, I think to myself this:

Who was the first human? Who jump started language so that we can communicate with each other? How could we have taught each other language if we could not understand each other to explain language? Look around at what humans are capable of! The computer you are reading this on, the house/apartment that you live in, the car you drive, etc. No other animal can do what we can do. So people think this all happened by chance? How?

Every time I feel like doubting God when I see or hear of people dying, I think this to myself.

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Well let's put it this way: In my opinion, everyone is actually following their own path in life. Sure, you have family and all that jazz, but really, it's you against the world until your path meets an end. Then you make the choice of your religion, to go to "heaven" or to be robourn into society without memory of your past life. I am one without religion. I am very glad of this due to the fact that I despise rules of any kind, and don't follow lights blindly, or without and scientifical proof. If you would like to challenge my thinking, go right ahead...

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There's NOT. People just believe what they want.

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My belief is...strong enough for me I guess...I dont know everything...but I know what I know. then again...his knowledge to like a tear drop in the ocean...isnt it?
on another note...I dont understand what people...mean exactly when they say that they dont~ believe in God...(yet they capitalize the G)...but they believe in a "higher power"
well...heres my question...what is this "higher power" thing suppose to be...
or who...if it isnt God? and...wouldnt you capitalize it? hmmm...interesting...

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A similar question would be asking if I believe in my husband or my children. They are around me, I spend time with them, of course I believe in them. God wants to be the same for us - around us, spending time with us etc. If we do that, it's hard NOT to believe in him.

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I believe in him more than anyhing else.

is their a god
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SLight, it's difficult believing when you aren't religious, and I'm not sure there's any proof.

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Personally I do not believe in God. I still capitalize his name, but only in the same sense the I capitalize the name Peter Pan or Cinderella. I do not write the word "him" in capital letters though because no fictional character deserves that. I am really not trying to offend, but as far as my beliefs go (and have always gone) the bible is a fairy tale and God merely a character among the others.

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so strong, actually God is the greatest fact in my life.

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WE find out when persecution arises...and none of us have had to face what the early church faced.. death in terrible ways... if that happened today, I wonder how fast the church would empty out...

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