Do you like Wal-Mart?

Just wondering, do you like to shop at Wal-Mart? I do. I love that store. What are your thoughts on Wal-Mart? Feel free to share.

Answer #1

Wal-Mart is a great American success story ! - excellent store/business.

Answer #2

haha yes I love wal mart. Especially when I go late at night to go grocery shopping, I have more fun that way lol. And now I can do the self check out which somehow I always do something wrong to mess it up, but its still fun!

Answer #3

Wal-Mart is the greatest invention in history! a one-stop place where you can get everything you need (and want) at a low price and no hassle. a lot of people are turning to that place for their shopping this year because of the economy; smart choice! that’s where me and my band do all our shopping. we save loads of money, and get fashoinable clothes and accessories at the same time. they have a great electronics department, too!

Answer #4

I do shop at wal-mart, there are a lot of drawbacks to their store though.

as successful as they are- their clerks and other personel in my area are barely making minimum wage. when I worked for them- they started a few meetings with a prayer ( which I found wrong).

they used to flaunt the “american made” label- not so much any more because most businesses are over seas. they have run a lot of small “mom and pop” shops out of business, which is truly sad because those of us that shop there are guilty of that as well. with the rise of wal-mart we have lost pieces of what used to make america great.

Answer #5

Yes, It is a good source! In fact they actually are lowering prices past there competitors!

Answer #6

Wal-mart is cheappp but its still fun to shop there=)

Answer #7


Answer #8

I love WalMart, the one here is 24 hours and it’s only like a 20 minute walk from my house so I go there in the middle of the night to go shopping, lol.

Answer #9

sometimes. Don’t expect them to be totally cheap. you really need to compare prices on some items. Meats are more there than other places I’ve checked. and so are some cleaning items and veggies. but other than that they are ok. I have a hard time buying pants there - too big.. I am a 4 petite and it’s not the same 4 P at Walmart. - bigger waist. Oh well. I don’t like to wear junior sizes too trendy.

Answer #10

I luve Wal-mart in fact I was their today lol

Answer #11

it’s ok… but I think they’re going to take over the world… lol… it’s going to be all walmart everywhere, walmart apartment buildings that everyone will live in and everyone will work at walmart…

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