Where do you buy your jewelry from, and what kind do you like?

I buy mine from Hot Topic, Spencers, Wal-Mart, and sometimes flea-markets or thrift shops.

I like jewelry with skulls, wings, tiaras, brass knuckles, and things like that. Gothic/scene type jewelry. I love black jewelry, and some that has cool colors like purple, and lime green. Also, I like “jelly” bracelets, in many different colors. If it’s things, like promise rings, engagement rings, necklaces from my bf…I like sterling silver, white gold, etc… not regular gold. I hate regular gold jewelry.

Answer #1

I don’t own ANY jewelry….yet. But my mom buys hers from Avon.

Answer #2

I don’t really wear jewelry other than earrings… but I buy what I get from Spencer’s or Styles.. I like neon colors or silver dangly earrings. :D

Answer #3

I get mine mostly from Forever 21, Walmart, Target, Amazon, Rue 21. I would go to other places that I know have nice jewelry but I think I have enough for right now lol. I like lots of jewelry with chains and stuff like that and chunky stuff

Answer #4

Too Cool, haha I like Hello Kitty and Sanrio stuff.

Answer #5

Ohh! I like Hello Kitty too! ^_^

Answer #6

Charming Charlies xD So cute!

Answer #7

haha spencers LOVE IT!

Answer #8

i usally go to a hello kitty store in our mall rue 21 walmart bealls pandora or we order them from some place in italy

Answer #9

Tv jewlery, diamond stores.

Answer #10


The jewelers who make that jewelry I know somewhat personally and I buy a lot from them when given the chance, it really is quite gorgeous, unfortunately a lot of it is far out of my price range. I have a few Mjollnirs I bought from another couple I know who makes them, other than that I don’t have much else for jewelry.

Answer #11

Haha, that’s cool! Viking jewelry! :D

Answer #12

Basically yup =)

Answer #13

I really only wear earrings. I get those from Claires (cuz I’m cool) Hot Topic, Purple Alligator…other places that I forget >.< I wear like the…I dunno what they’re called D: those thingies that aren’t dangly or anything…like the one they out in when you first pierce your ears.

I also wear a shizz load of bracelets but I’ve just collected those over time. OOH OOH OOOOH and I’ve got a mood ring from Hawaii :3 But it’s always blue -.- AND I adore silly bands :D I dunno if those count as jewelry or not lol but I just pretty much stole all those from my friends xD OOHHHH and I like Hello Kitty stuff too :3 like anything hello kitty I’ll wear it.

Answer #14

Lol >_< Your awesome!♥

Answer #15


Answer #16

Yay! :3 you’re awesome toooooo!

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