Price of the ring really effect how much a girl likes the ring?

I was wanting to get my girlfriend a ring offline from wal-mart for our one year anniv. I looked at most of the rings that I could afford right now. I found a really nice ring and I think she will like it more than any of them but the diamonds in it aint real but its a 10k gold ring. Does the price of the ring really effect how much a girl likes the ring??

Answer #1

it wouldn’t bother me. my boyfriend’s getting me a promise ring, and it’s not going to be that expensive. it truly is the thought that counts :)

Answer #2

I have a ring from Sears that my boyfriend got me for our first Christmas together. It cost about $100. It is a 10k white goldring with a pink topaz in the shape of a heart. I love it. But I would still love it even if it cost him $50.

Answer #3

it depends on the girl. if she’s more interested in impressing other people then yes, it will probably matter to her. but the thing that should be important is that YOU gave it to her.

I’ve had two engagment rings. one cost nearly nothing and I didn’t care, we were saving up for our wedding and it was just a ‘public display’ as long as people knew I was engaged that’s all I cared about, not what it was…then when we got married I got the ring I have now lol - bit backwards…

but the point is…a ring IS a symbol of something, and it’s not the price…skinting yourself out to buy an expensive ring isn’t good, and I know you love her, but its the love that comes with that ring that’s important, not what it’s make of or what it’s got in it…

so no, I don’t care, and I woulnd’t want my husband / boyf to go without to buy me something…they’re only ‘things’…

Answer #4

I don’t think that really matters all gurls wear fake jewelry and its just the diamonds thts not real but im pretty sure they look real I think you shud get it and tell her look the diamonds aint real but this is all I cud afford rite now but I promise that one day I will replace these fake ones with real ones in our engagment ring..its the tought that counts..

Answer #5

if she does care… shes a gold digger

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