Do you have to wash meat off before cooking it?

I always wash raw meat off once I take it out of the package, but today I was watching Rachel Ray and she takes raw chicken right from the package and starts grilling it! Aren’t you supposed to rinse it? Or does cooking it kill any bacteria?

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Washing meat is standard...I don't think they eat the stuff on the cooking show. Washing though doesn't remove any bacteria from the meat, cooking it will however, as long as the meat reaches the appropriate temperature.

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I always wash meat off!!! Does not matter what kind of meat. Hamburger, chicken, pork! Whatever I was it!

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Raw meat your suppose to wash always I dont really wash redmeat like hamburgers r steaks r stuff like that off before i grill it or cook it

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Most people, I think, cook meat right from the package.

Now pork chops is a little different, because you need to rinse it off to get little pieces of bone off of it.

On the shows like Rachel Ray, and other cooking shows the staff eats the food when she is done. She knows what is safe, and most of us are still here, so I'd say it was pretty safe.

It's a personal preference so do what makes you happy. Lots of times steaks already have seasonings on them in the package, so you wouldn't want to wash that off.

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Wash raw meat before cooking is necnessary to discard dirt,and few of bacteria from outside, I alway wash meat as fast as posible in runing water, the better is washing by (rice water) meat is clean anfd fresh
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Yes! How do you really know what happened to that meat before it was packaged? Washing, or should I say rinsing it off, is standard practice in the food industry. Unless you butchered and packaged your own, rinse it off. Rachel, I love ya but I would never eat dinner at your house. Maybe you should explain yourself and if you have before then please do it again.

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