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Do you belive in ghosts?

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well I've been feeling like theres be a ghost round me, like at school I was in the line waiting to go in assembley and someone was whispirering jasmine and I looked behind and no1 looked like they had done it, and when I got out the assembley it done it for another 5 times I turned round again no1 and I asked my friends did they hear me they said no and I feel like I can hear voices in my head, speakin and me speaking back to them and I always feel I've being wathched and when im in my bedroom all alone I hear voices in my head again I reply back but with my gop ? I dont know why and the other day my raido turned completly off for 5 minuites and came off, I feel like im being watched all the time and when im even with my friends I hear voices...

do you belive in ghosts? if so do you think theres 1 follwing me