ghost or no ghost?

ok mi dads boss is also a ghost studyer or w/e you call him but he works with the supernatural. my dad knos im obsessed wit ghosts and like I see orbs all ove rmy room and like I can sense them,…and his boss invited him to a 2 day trip ti pensylvania, ithink its like ghettysberg or sumthin and in the middle of the night we would walk into the middle of the battlefield and his boss knos how to make contact with the ghosts…most people don’t belive in ghosts…but say you did…would you go or not? I love the supernatural and use to have a ouija board [until I found out that they are evil and I culd get kicked outta mi church] but im afraid that if I actully go ill b scarred for life…scareeed to death.

Answer #1

I would go and take a camera for pictures…your father knows what is safe for you and what is not safe for you…I would go for sure!

Answer #2

If you believe in life after death, and that’s something that interests you…I say, go! You probably won’t get an opportunity like visiting Pennsylvania to contact with ghosts again…

Don’t be scared about this. Or think you will be mentally scarred. If you really believe in ghosts, and sense them in your own room, I believe you won’t be scarred after seeing/hearing a ghost. :)

I know I believe in life after death, and I wouldn’t miss that kind of opportunity for the world! I believe in Ghosts too and I think it would be quite neat, and in-your-face worthy for other believes. (Not saying you should brag about it) I know I am quite jealous.

I do believe my house is haunted though because a little girl died in my yard…she was hit by a car, and I see/hear eerie things at night. It doesn’t bother me though..I don’t mine sharing my house. :D I wish I could meet her!

Answer #3

Good idea to get rid of the Ouiji board. Before getting involved with anything ghostly you need to study up on how to protect yourself. Would you walk onto a battle field without protection of knowledge of what your getting into. I too am fasinated with ghostly things but I try to stay away as I don’t know enough about how to protect myself from them. I think your first duty is to yourself and how to protect yourself. Saying that you would be freaked out for life - isn’t a good statement - it shows your not ready to encounter a ghostly one — and knowing how to protect yourself is very important. Not all ghosts are friendly - same like people. I’d be careful. The ghosts will be fine but will you???

Answer #4

I have a feeling your not being totally honest. Please look up “ghosts” and the supernatural before you go on the trip. Also find out where you are going and if this guy works on the good or evil side when getting information from those who have passed. If you are interested then go but know the history and what you are getting into.

Answer #5

ok heres what udo…when you hear any kingd of noise…quickly snap a photo…[im pretty sure wwith flash] in the area where the sound came from. if theers anything there it will appear on the film. it might take a few trys tho so don’t give up. also when your not home leave a video camera on or a noise recorder [probably in your lawn is the best place]

pce and luv—>keep dreaming

Answer #6

If you truly believe in ghosts then you should probably go. Because what if after they get back, you might start to regret not going. and plus being with your dad and the ‘ghost guy’ should make you feel comfortable. but if you dont want to go, then nobody will be disappointed. But it’s totally up to you.

Answer #7

think you shud not read this but,,,

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Answer #8

I believe in ghosts, but I’m scared to death of them. I would probably go though, just for the fun of it, but it would be seriously creepy!

Answer #9

I would go personally, and even if you didn’t believe in them…surely the proof that there was something past this life must be comforting?

it’s not about believing or not, it’s about seeing. if you see then fantastic!!! scary, but fortunate…if not, then doesn’t mean you have to loose faith…

most religions amaze me, I mean, the fact thay expect you to believe in ‘the spirit’ but you’re not allowed to believe in ghosts??? I don’t get that, surely they are one of the same??

go, if you see something then count yourself lucky, if not, then maybe it wasn’t meant for you right now…

funmail me if you see anything though!!! wonderful oppertuniy… :)

Answer #10

Oh, and please let me know how it goes! It sounds like fun!

Answer #11

I’d go! I think you’ll be safe with your dad & his boss!

Answer #12

Well, I’m super interested in the Paranormal and I’m actually pending on whether or not I want a career in it. And so if I ever got a chance before 2 actually go to a place that has so much history of the Supernatural, I’d go…But I mean it’s completely your decision, and that’s just my own opinion- so do whatcha want, have fun with it:)

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