Do snakebite piercings hurt?

Does it hurt when you get snakebites? How bad? Plzz answer :)

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Most definatly not that painful.
I got one side of my lip pierced, and that didn't hurt at all. So, I am assuming that it will feel the same way to get the other side done.
It does get sore when it's swollen, and you wont really want to talk, but hey, it's worth it ;D
You should definatly get it.

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Uhg, don't listen to them. The first one doesn't hurt because your adrenaline is pumping.
But after that, yeah, the second one hurts a lot more.

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naw they dont. and im not just sayin that. its just a little pinch. the only part that might freak you out is this pop noise when the needle comes out da back. it sounds weird

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I have a lip piercing and its not that pain...but its two so it would be double the pain..but no need to worry

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Well I have a lip piercing and the first time they did the hole it didn't hurt at all but then the ring wouldn't go in so they had to do another one a bit bigger and that one did hurt...but it's not a kind of pain that you will cry or something.

Does Getting Snakebites Hurt?
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Not painful at all. I had them done about six months ago, and it's really quite fun.

The clamps they put over your lips hurt worse than the needles, and the clamps are just there to hold your lip in place for a few seconds. The needles going feels hot and you can feel the skin pop, but breathe deep in and out and count to 5 and it'll be over.

Your lips will be numb and sore for a few days after. Don't even attempt to eat anything solid for awhile, and stock up on mouthwash and piercing cleanser. In the morning, it will hurt a bit, because you're supposed to twist and move around the piercings to reduce infection.

But by far, nothing too painful at all

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It just depends on how much pain you personally can handle. Most of the time it's not near as painful as some people make them out to be. If you truly want them, don't be scared or worry about how much it'll hurt. Just go for it... it will be over and done very soon. It's not like you'll be in endless pain for hours. As long as you get them professionally done and properly care for them afterwards, you won't have any issues at all.

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im getting some today! emm the people ALL OVER the web said its like a 2 or 3 on a scale of 1-10 dont worry..I will come back to this question later and tell u..yay snakebites!

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