Do girls watch porn?

do girls watch porn and why do they ?for what? please answer

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hahahha yes there are girls who watch porn. If guys watch porn then girls probably do to they just won't admit it. Some girls watch it for different reasons like pleasing themselves or they watvh it with their partner

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that question is all based upon who the girl is... some girls watch porn some doesnt, some do it to turn them on for sexual pleasure , some fantasy,and some find it plain out funnny. it all depends heck some even watch to learn new things

Is it weird for girls to watch porn?
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OMG porn is awesome haha the funniest stuff I've ever seen in my life the girls love it too we watch to laugh when we are drunk or stoned in a big group and laugh our asses off trust me they do and its hilarious...

Girls watching porn?/
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yup im a girl and I do :) kinda I dont like it much but its just to kinda give me "pleasure" in a weird way it does specially lesbian porn...(its hit):p

When a girl likes to watch porn is that weird?
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Girls are HORNY too...

Watching porn, is it OK to girls to enjoy it?
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YES, Girls watch porn. I watch it with my boyfriend and by myself. In fact I just masturbated to porn a few minutes ago.

Do girls ever watch porn?
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deeff not me.
haha I kinda used to when I was super weird. but not anymore.lmao.

Who thinks watching lesbo porn if you're a girl bad?
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I dont
but my friend meagan always does, simply because she finds it funny haha

Is it ok to watch porn and matserbate if im a girl?
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Are you deliberately being sexist? Of course girls watch porn! There's porn for guys AND girls you know!

Is it ok for girls to watch porn?
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yes I watch it with my boyfriend and by myself

Why can you watch porn at 18 and have to be 16 to have sex
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sum girls do &+ obviously for pleasure

Have you ever watched porn with your girlfriend?
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Some yeah.
I don't personally but I know that some girls do.
For the same reason that guys do.

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I'm a chick, and I love it. I watch it to get off,it seems to help get me in the mood...

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***Do girls watch porn?***

...only the cool ones.

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Yes but it depends on the girl... for pleasure

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I meant hot* not hit..o.o

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if boys do, then im guessing yea.

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some girls do
just to turn them on
and for the pleasure.

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