Do female cats pee more than male cats?

Do femail cats pee more than male cats?

Answer #1

Felines, male and female both mark their territories. Ever see a female back up to something and squirt a stream straight back and a little upwards? See a stream on your windshield or part of your house about a foot or more up? I couldn’t believe it was the female until I saw her do it!

Answer #2

not usually but if you have a female cat that is urinating frequently then she could have a UTI or STD these are very common in cats and if you think these could be a possiblity then you should take your cat to the vet

Answer #3

male cants tend to pee more, to mark there terrortory (if thts ow you spel it)

Answer #4

I’m not really sure, but male cats do pee to mark territory sometimes.:)

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