Cat Smells Bad

I have never had a cat, but have taken one in from a friend. My house is starting to smell like poop. He uses the litter box and I do not find any “mistakes”. He just walked by me and smells like poop.

What is it and how do I deal with it. He is clean.

Thank you.

Answer #1

Unusual for cats to smell. Is he too overweight to wash himself? If so you might want to help out with some bum wipes, lol. It’s not very nice but better than the smell… Phrannie is right about getting him seen by a vet, though.

Answer #2

This is a sort of mystery…are you keeping the litter box clean? It really COULD be from him scratching around in the box…so the order is on paws and legs. Try cleaning the box daily. If that’s not the problem, maybe he has a skin condition or something, that has an oder that your nose associates with “kitty smell”…have him checked out by the vet…to make sure he’s in tip top health.


Answer #3

Uhm yeah I use baby wipes to wipe my cat’s feet and her bum if she smells of poop Also I give her baths, atleast once a week, but I would be very careful about that if you’ve never given the cat a bath before (there are cat wipes you can use to give it a “sponge bath”) I would do this quick, if it’s on it’s bum or feet it’s probably spreading around your house…

Answer #4

you should wipe his arsse with toilet paper guranteed he has remnants on his arss e lol

Answer #5

maybe it has crap on its foot. when they are scraping the tray after pooping they sometimes get some on their foot. ?? maybe its bath time lol

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