Do male babies get more of the father's genes than female ones?

is true that 50% of the father’s genes are passed on to baby boys and that there isn’t as much percentage of genes passed down to baby girls? If I have confused people I am basically asking if baby boys get more of the fathers’ genes than girl babies? its kinda urgent so pls reply and help me asap!!


Answer #1

kelly1980ukuk there is a such thing as rececive and dominant genes

Answer #2

Dear obession, Here’s an interesting peice of information for you…it is the father’s genes that determines the sex of the baby not the mother’s genes. Sue…good luck

Answer #3

No, babies of either gender get exactly 50% of their genes from each parent.

What you might be thinking of is the transmission of the sex genes: Babies get an X chromosome from the mother, and either an X or a why from the father. Which one they get determines their gender - two Xs and they’re female, an X and a why and they’re male.

Answer #4

The Wikipedia article on Sexual Reproduction has a lot of details:

However, Wikipedia is not a primary source, so if you want authoritative sources, you’ll have to go elsewhere. The References section of that article is a good start.

Answer #5

no it aint true I have a lil girl and she is exactly like her father the only thing of me she has is my eyes the rest is her dad

Answer #6

Arachinid is right I just learned about this in biolagy.

Answer #7

I’ve always said that a why chromosome is just an X with a missing piece! Its the sex determination chromosome! It carries all of the father dna. the egg has all of the mothers dna. when they meet some stuff cancels out other stuff doesnt. Whats left is half moms and half dads! My drill instructor always said KISS! Keep it simple stupid

BTW babies can have characterisic (physical and emotional) for generations past! (so thats where the green eyes came from! great great great great grandma june who I’ve never even met!)

Answer #8

do you have any website that can prove this?

Answer #9

It is very hard to predict, it differes between humans.

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