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Dirty texts? Parents reading boyfriends texts?

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my boyfriend when he gets really horny likes me to send him dirty texts, about all the things I would do to him.. and I am completely fine with this.. but anways, his parents went through his cell phone and read all of his texts and were like (taken from acctual text) "layla this doeds make david's mom and I comfortable-- mr. braden." and I didnt understand what he meant by comfortable so I sent another one that said "Comfortable? I dont understand." then he sent another one saying "this is david's dad. david will not have his phone for a while he misused it. your converstaion last night was inappropriete". and me and david have had sex before. and I think david said it will be better than last time. and now im really scared that his parents know if he we had sex.. and I think they are going to tell my mom. (even though I really dont care if my mom finds out, its just annyoing to hear about it from her) but do you all think it is unfair for them to read them and not tell him that they read his texts? and how she would talk about this with his parents.