How do i finger myself via video text for my boyfriend and be sexy?

Im 21. My boyfriend just graduted college and went home, which is 6 hours away. So since we cant have sex anymore he wants me to send him a video from my cell phone of me fingering myself and what not. Well I have never been one to finger myself let alone send a video to my boyfriend. Does anyone have any advice, specifically guys.

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look the whole problem of you doing this. is what if you two break up??

there are websites were guys post pictures and videos of their xgfs.

and there are guys that keep it in their cell phone and show it to their friends and stuff.

also >>

there has been cases like the one in florida of a high school girl who did just as your boyfriend ask and sent him dirty pictures and videos. well they broke up and apparently the breakup was bad. so he decided to send the videos and pictures to everyone he knew. and put posters of the pictures all over the school. to end the story the girl was teased and called a whre by every1 and ended up committing suicide.


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I wouldn't do it... You don't really want that video out there... Anyone could get it if you send it to him... He could send it to friends (whether he tells you or not) and if y'all broke up, he probably would. He could post it somewhere online or something too. I totally wouldn't do it...

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lie back and make sure he can see everythin and that your enjoyin if for him. make sure you tel him your coming etc and hel love it

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