What is the difference between south and north korea?

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One is above the other.

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North Korea is communist. The South is not.

They split after the war in which the US participated for the South, the Chinese for the North...though the US never officially acknowledged it as a "war".

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well yeah duhh..lolz

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Why are they at war?

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Who says that the conflict ever ended once it began?

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Big Difference in Economies. Good example of how communism Doesnt work. The Korean War is in a "cease Fire" It is the longest standing "cease fire" ever. I believe it has lasted since 1951.

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They are 2 different countries..they split because of different views. South Korea is a democratic country and North Korea still until this day lives in communism..and they dont really know better..they dont have such things like the internet or anything that communicates them with the outer world..they are just stock in that country so for them they think they have it all because they just dont know anything of how people in other countries are living

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