Difference between FIREFOX & IE 7

Hi friends, can you tell me the difference between firefox & Internet explorer 7. I have heard a lot about firefox but I m happy with IE 7. I have also installed a GOOGLE TOOLBAR for more convience for emergency search need. please help me.

Answer #1

haha never!!! lol I mean yes steph :(

Answer #2

Shh Dave you ruined my fun

Answer #3

haha firefox is wayyy better, but IE has tabs tooo steph :P haha microsoft got jealous and made them for IE haha anyways, firefox is faster and has less Bull to run it making it faster!

Answer #4

I love Firefox. My most favorite difference is that with Firefox you can have a bunch of tabs going at once. So you can click back and forth to each site you are using instead of having a bunch of windows open. See, heres a picture of what I mean…

Answer #5

firefox is much beter. faster, but slow at first. I had the best internet explorer but I swiched to firefox and they have some pretty sick skins and add ons for it. I say try it for a while. just only firefox for like a week

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