Why is my Mozilla Firefox so slow, IE works faster?

Why is my Mozilla Firefox so D*mN slow!!! My IE works faster.

Answer #1

Actually I had both I used to also face the same problem but IE is much faster than FIREFOX. I had installed both & liked IE so it is better to stick to IE rather than firefox…ENJOY

Answer #2

I agree with stephanie, mozilla is faster than internet explorer… the good thing for mozilla. it has a adblock features, that block ads on every website.

Answer #3

Wow I have exactly the same problem. I just prefer IE. I had to download it though because I wanted to watch something online and it said I needed Firefox..it takes absolutely ages to do anything.

Answer #4

Woah thats odd. My Mozilla works like 5 times faster than my I.E.

Answer #5

will that actually work on an HP

Answer #6

use opera or flock they are very fast and good

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