Difference between apartment and house?

I live in a house and you may be living in a appartment. We know where we live. But there is some typical difference between appartment and house which many of the people do not know. What you feel the diffence between a house and appartment?

Answer #1

you’re looking for differences that people aren’t aware of? Lack of privacy, crowded? You can’t just step outside to get to your car? There are neighbours on left and right, above and below… but you don’t have to shovel snow or cut grass.

Answer #2

or repair … anything. also, if you lose your income and you have to get out of a lease, it’s expensive, but if you get forclosed on… ouch… your done for a while

Answer #3

an apartment is semi small and a house is big a apartment you rent a house you own duh

Answer #4

Apartment is one part of a whole building - house is a free standing building of a whole duh

Answer #5

An appartment is stressful portion of somebody’s property that has so many rules and regulations located either under some noicy children’s room or at the top of a drug dealer portion while a house is place to be for a family that has no rules and regulations from land law(s), no noicy distractions from strangers. A house is also an owned property that one can benefit from and has a lot of pravacy for you and your family.

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