Difference between Allah and God?

What is the difference between Allah and God?

Answer #1

Everyone saying Allah and God are different are stating the differences between Islam and Christianity.

God and Allah are the same thing. Allah is Arabic for God. The word. It’s the same. Religion-wise, yes, the Christian God and the Muslim Allah are different.

Answer #2

NO! there is no difference.. Jewish people, Christians, and Muslims alike all beleive in one God. The unfortunate thing is many people don’t know this and this ignoarance is what has created so much tension between Muslims and Jewsih people and Christians and Muslim people. Allah translated into english means “The God”.

Answer #3

The christian, jewish and muslim god were all the god of abraham, so they are basically from the same origin. Obviously every religion’s dogma concerning god differs to some extent. Even between christian sects.

Answer #4

Some people say ‘Allah’ is just another name for ‘God’ but others would argue, its what you choose to believe. Some argue the fact because Islamic Allah is much different than the God of the Bible. Also ‘God’ is said to be a trinity, and Allah is not. If you want to read some in depth information, check out this link: http://www.kingmessiahproject.com/is_allah_not_God.html

Answer #5

The words do mean the same. In the Christian, Jewish and Muslim religions they do mean slightly different things, though. I like the fact that, as a Christian, I’m invited to call God ‘Father’, even ‘Daddy’! That’s not the case in Islam or Judaism, as far as I know.

Answer #6

In my opinion

God as in the Christian God is a God of Love and peace

Allah is like the God of the old testment, He is an angry God of Revenge and retribution.

Answer #7

While they are really the same word in different languages, they stand for different ideas in the different religions. If you want the difference between the Christian God and the Muslim Allah,

  1. God had a son, Allah does not
  2. God is in trinity form, Allah is not
  3. It is possible to know God or have a personal relationship with God (as flossheal has pointed out), it is not the same of Allah

I’m sure there are others…

Answer #8

ummm, Allah is in Arabic, and God is in English?? the meaning’s the same, but they’re just in different languages.

Answer #9

is there any purpose you asking like this?

Answer #10

anna has explained very well,and as she said the difference depend in langauge which you speak.

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