could you die or get a sickness if u dont eat breakfast and lunch ?????

Answer #1

You won’t die, but it’s still not good.. you need to consume enough calories to keep your body happy. I have the same problem.. I have to force myself to remember to eat breakfast and lunch because I get busy and forget that I’m hungry lol. Just eat something small at least, like a piece of toast and some fruit, or yogurt. And if you skip lunch because you don’t like eating at school, make a sandwich when you get home.

Answer #2

It depends..if your doing it on purpose to be skinny…it could be signs of an eating disorder. If you do it just because your busy or not hungry…then no you wont die. Your missing out on important nutrients and calories though and it ca affect your blood sugar and things. If your really busy and dont have time to eat try and atleast snack on granola bars, fiber cereal, nutra grain bars, fruits and veggies, etc during the day and make sure your getting fluids like water.

Answer #3

you won’t die if you skip a couple meals. you might start getting an upset stomache if you do and that’s because you did skip meals and you’re body is telling you to eat something but that’s all that happens

Answer #4

ok :) thanks you for your answers <33

Answer #5

yes!!! o_0 no just kidding, but you need to feed your body to give yourself energy for the day, otherwise you’ll find yourself tiring quicker

Answer #6

mkay :)

Answer #7

i know this may sound mean but how is this a real question?

Answer #8

-__- ok? nice to hear ur comment.

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