What if I don't eat for 2 weeks and I run 10 miles daily?

im just wonderin what would happen if I dont eat for two weeks and run 10 miles every morning?

Answer #1

you’d die before the first week ends. if u wanna lose weight, eat less that 20 cal a day (maybe 2 salads a day) and eventually your body will “eat” your fat cells. you know where reproduced fat cells go? flush

Answer #2

uhh, if u dont eat for 2 weeks, u can get VERY SICK! so try eating veggies and low fat stuff, lots of exersizes and stuff…but what ever u do… plz EAT, just healty things, but if u dont eat, u can get sick and probably wont have the energy to even run those laps.

Answer #3

I doubt you would have the energy to run 10 miles on the second day; if you tough out the 10 mile run on the 2nd day the 3rd would be worse.

This is not a healthy way to loose weight; you could literally die trying to do this.

If you are going to fast than you need to exert as little energy as possible. If you are going to work out you need to fuel your body.

Answer #4

That is similar to anorexia. A crash diet is not the way to go. In fact, It’s even unhealthy to lose 3 or more pounds a week!

Answer #5

if you did that, you wont be back on here to read the responses to your question.

Answer #6

stay with the running but dont starve your self all the girls think it works it doesnt it really makes you fatter because your body needs vitimins so it takes it from you orgins eat a large breakfast and nice lunch and a good dinner not a big one because the food you eat at dinner stays in you while you sleep and makes you gane weight!!! trust me!!!1

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