Does diabetes last a lifetime?

If a person have diabetes will they have it for the rest of there life let me know thank you

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Im 19 and have recently been told I have diabetes type 1!!! I lost 2 stone in 8 weeks and was waking every hour of the night drinking lots of water and going to the toilet.

With diabetes it is your pancreas organ that produces insulin for the body to stop sugar levels rising shuts down then all your body is doing is getting full of sugar!

If this was to be untreated your body would get shriveled up and would eventuarly die but with treatment /injections of insulin, it can balance it out and you will be fine with the right diet and if you look after yourself!

if you do not, in later life people with diabetes can go blind have heart probles , strokes ect NOT GOOD"!

I inject 4 times a day with a flexi pen /a little needle that looks like a pen lmao.

I have now put the weight on and feel a lot better. Diabetes type 1 is normally seen as worse than type 2.

Anyway hope that helped thank you

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If you are insulin dependent it depends on why you have the diabetes.If it is to being overweight(like my husband), losing the weight might help to beable to get off the insulin. It is hard but you can control the diabetes with exercise, eating right and having a positive attitude.hope my info helped

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Here is a link to a medical guide to diabetes that explains this in more detail:

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Research into preventing and/or curing diabetes is ongoing. So until they get a breakthrough, yes, people with diabetes will have it forever.

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It depends on what type it is. I have heard that once you become insulin dependant thats it its forever but if you are not yet at that stage and only on diet/pills you can reverse it through diet and excersise ifyou have weight issues related to the diabetes. There are loads of sites to get info off. My nephew just got diagnosed with it and he was straight away on the insulen but only one needle a day. I found heaps on the web.

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only until you die...not a second sooner than that.

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I go running everyday and drink nothing but water..
food??? sometimes salads

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