How long does costochondtitis last?

Ok well a couple months ago the doctor said this:
Well, your diagnosed with costochondritis.
At first I couldnt pronounce it!!! Then I checked online. And its like a bad breathing problem because of inflation of the cartlage in the ribcage.
But I dont know how long it lasts..after about a month I felt fine, but ugh to me its like coming back and I dont know if it can do that. Is it possible?

If it can come back, is it a lifetime thing or soemthing?

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it usually goes away on its own..after about 2 weeks. take something like iboprofen (if you arent allergic to it) and use a heating pad..try to rest and not do any kind of exercise that causes any pain to that area...
even when it feels better give it a good 2-3 weeks before doing anything like swimming or running and things like that...just to make sure that it is completely healed.

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