Is it bad to not eat much and exercise a lot?

I got kicked out of my house around st. pattys day; anyways; I’m really unhappy with where I am; I feel like I have no friends and my whole summer has been a waste; and the part I hate most is knowning that I’ve grown from a mistake but nobody else sees it; I want to move back in with my mom and step dad; I fight with my real dad (who I live with) constantly; I get so depressed and upset that I throw up; I feel like I’m uncapable of doing things; my dad tells me that I’m stupid and I’ll never become anything in life; so it’s definatly not encouraging; I have thoughts about suicide sometimes but the main reason I’m writing this is because I have gained a lot of weight latley and am wanting to lose weight; I don’t eat much and I excersise constantly; is this bad?

Answer #1

Changing and learning from your mistakes are very good, but it will take a long time for anyone to notice, I know how hard that can be and it is very frustrating. Regaining trust takes time and patience. The best bit of advice that I can give you is to show the change and not talk about it. If you change your attitude and your outlook on life and you quit doing whatever it was you were doing, they will see soon. Think about it this way, if you had a boyfriend that cheated on you and then he said he learned from his mistake, how long would it take you to really start trusting him again? Actions speak louder than words. As far as your weight goes, if you are exercising but not eating the proper nutrition, your metabolism is probably in shock. Your body will shut down and hold on to the fat cells. If you are not eating, your body will automatically go into starvation mode and you will not be able to loose any weight. The right way to do it is to exercise in moderation, once a day is fine but for only about 30 minutes. Then stick to a safe, nutritious diet that is geared toward breaking down your fat cells. Pilates is a good way to go, you can get a kit with three videos, and exercise plan, and a daily diary. It is a ten week plan and it works if you follow it correctly and don’t overdo it. I got the kit at biglots for ten bucks, so it is not that expensive. You could not eat at all and you would still not loose the weight that you want to because your body is in shock. Take a safe, healthy approach at loosing weight and you will succeed. One big thing is to watch what you drink. If you drink alot of soda you are not going to loose any weight at all. Try to limit yourself to water and maybe one or two glasses of tea every day. The tea is good because it is rich in antioxidants. Sweet tea is not as good but you can use different types of sweeteners if you like such as splenda or equal or something like that. You won’t loose weight if you keep doing what you are doing. But give everyone some time to establish a trust in you and don’t give up, be patient. If you give up and have to start all over again, it will take twice as long to re-gain their trust the second time around. Let me know if you need anything else.

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