Deep Conditioning

Alright…so I want something to totally deep condition my hair…summer is coming up and my hair dries out quick. Can anyone give me a home remedy of some kind or the name of a great conditioner that will soften and hydrate my hair really well?

I’m talking without making it greasy too. I need some ideas because it seems like my regular conditioner is not cutting it in this summer heat…my hair is much more dry then normal despite my every effort to keep it soft and clean…any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Answer #1

Use pure coconut oil. It conditions and makes you hair shiney. You just put it on, its a semi solid, and leave it in for as long as you want. You can also use coconut oil for the rest of your body too. The stuff is amazing!

Answer #2

My hair is very dry as well and I’ve looked everywhere! I found some AMAZING remedies that worked for me:

  1. Mix a deep leave in conditioner, deep conditioner for dry hair, and normal conditioner for dry hair (Cheap, like Suave) and mix them up, leave it on for as long as you want. I do for a few hours. Rinse with cool water, stay away from hot and warm water as much as possible.

  2. Deep oil treatments work as well. Most are specially made for black hair, but they work beautifully because of the intense moisture.

  3. Leave a deep conditioner on at night. I like to use Pantene Deep Conditioners…such as the Time Renewal. I like any type of Nexxus hair treatments as well.

  4. MAyonniese works well as a deep conditioner…sure, its slimy, but softens and adds tons more moisture!

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