When should I deep condition my hair?

I’m going to cut off a lot of my hair and I don’t know when to deep condition. Before or after I get it cut?

Answer #1

I would do it after, so your only deep conditioning the hair you will be maintaining, instead of wasteing some on the hair that your cutting off. Also deep condition your once or twice a week for best results.

Answer #2

I would also condition it after!! Another thing you can do to condition it at home is to throw a towel in a dryer and get it warm…put the conditioner on your hair and wrap your hair in the towel with the conditioner. You leave it on for at least 3-4 at the least. Remove the towel then wash the contioner out!! This helps alot for me!!

Answer #3

3-4 what ?

Answer #4

After, and I suggest using “it’s a ten” It really works well as a deep conditioner.

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